Find Out Which Celebrity is Teaming Up With Futurola!

Tommy Chong Futurola pic for blogFuturola, a leading Amsterdam cannabis brand that sells rolling papers and smoking accessories, has recently joined up with an America actor and comedian to launch an exclusive line of smoking equipment.

Who is this celebrity?

It’s Tommy Chong! He’s best known for his cannabis comedy routines Cheech & Chong but he’s also starred in That 70s Show and was recently a contestant on Dancing With the Stars. Chong has been passionate about cannabis legalization for years and speaks up about it regularly. Just recently he tweeted, “Should we legalize marijuana? Is the wrong question. Why is marijuana illegal? Is the one to ask.” Being that his favorite brand of smoking accessories is Futurola, he’s decided to join forces with them and launch an exclusive line of smoking products.

Why are WE so excited?

At Kush Bottles, we carry Futurola products and we’re excited to see a big name like Tommy Chong get behind the brand. It’s a step in the right direction for legalization as well. The more celebrities to get behind legalizing the drug, the sooner change will occur.

Meet Tommy Chong in Person! Enter to Win Futurola’s Contest! 

As part of a special promotion, Futurola is hosting a contest where you can meet Tommy Chong (and smoke with him) in Amsterdam on November 29th at the 2014 High Times Cannabis Cup. If you’re in the area, visit for information about how to enter.

Where Can You Buy Futurola Products?

Right here. Visit our website to buy all of Tommy Chong’s favorite smoking accessories. And remember, our Black Friday sale is currently going on. Shop now and save 25% off all Futurola products.


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Marijuana Memes that Make Us Laugh

Marijuana Meme 1







Marijuana Meme 2









Marijuana Meme 4










Marijuana Meme 7








Marijuana Meme 3









Marijuana meme kush bottles








Marijuana Meme 6


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6 Times Having a Joint Nearby Would Have Come in Handy

bored soccer fans 90 minute soccer game. Ending in a 0-0 tie.



baby crying airplaneThe second you found out you were seated next to this little guy on your 6 hour flight.



the hangoverAfter one of these nights. (Hangover help, please!)



black and white moviesBut really, how did people sit through these?



jack bauerAt the end of one of his days.



watergate tapesThe second the watergate tapes were discovered.





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3 Key Post-Election Takeaways From a Marijuana Industry Expert

expert advice photo for kush bottlesCEO of Kush Bottles, Nich Kovacevich, is a leading expert in the marijuana industry. He works with state regulators to figure out ways to keep the marijuana industry safe and helps dispensary owners stay compliant by updating them on the latest MMJ rules and regulations. Now that Oregon, Alaska, and Washington D.C. have legalized weed, Kovacevich has three pieces of advice for those both in the industry and those looking to get involved.

1. Stay compliant. Now more than ever it’s important to follow state rules and regulations regarding marijuana. Be aware of the laws that pertain to your state and if you have questions, ask! Companies like Kush Bottles have trained staff on site who are up-to-date on the latest industry regulations. Call for advice when needed.

2. Keep Children Safe. To prevent accidental injection, make sure all marijuana products are packaged, labeled, and distributed according to child-safe regulations. We must keep marijuana out of the hands of minors.

3. Get In Now While The Getting’s Good. The 2014 Election made it even more clear that the marijuana industry is popping! Now is the time to get involved. With Oregon, Alaska, and Washington D.C. legalizing weed, new retail locations will begin opening their doors for business and new start-ups will get going as well. If the marijuana industry interests you, find out ways to be a part of it!

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A Black Friday Sale You Don’t Want To Miss!

What’s better than a Black Friday sale? A Black Friday sale that lasts all month long! This November, Kush Bottles is offering consumers 25% off ALL products on the KB consumer website. Buy for yourself or stock up on holiday gifts for everyone on your list. Here are the products we’re most excited about!

sweatshirt kush bottles1. Kush Bottle Apparel. Rock a KB sweatshirt this fall during those crisp, cool nights. Or toss on a Kush Bottle hat on your way out the door. Wherever you go with KB apparel, you’re guaranteed to be the most poppin’ one around.



kush bottle dram containers2. Classic Kush Bottle containers. Now is the time to stock up on your favorite Kush Bottle containers! The KB consumer shop offers a variety of colors and sizes. Choose from pre-assembled variety packs or hand pick different colors to make sure you only get your favorites. Remember, Kush Bottles can be used to store things other than weed as well. Try using them to keep your medications organized or to hold your gum or loose change.

futurola pre-rolled cones gift box3. Futurola products. This pre-rolled cones gift box from Futurola is a great gift for the smoker on your holiday list. Other products the KB consumer shop offers include Futurola rolling paper and Futurola rolling machines.


Buy up now and SAVE!


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Top 5 Candies for Marijuana Supporters to Hand Out This Halloween

good and plenty candy kush bottles1. Good and Plenty. This kinda describes where public opinion is headed in terms of supporting the legalization of marijuana. More Americans (52%) than not think pot should be legal—that’s plenty more than the 12% who favored it back in 1969.

2. Sugar Daddies. Kids love ‘em and they honor the sugar daddies who are helping fund the medial marijuana drives in states like Florida. Six figure checks have been rolling into People United for Medical Marijuana thanks to supporters who know the time has come to give people legal access.

3. Nerds. Marijuana—it’s not just for nerds anymore. Everyone is coming out of the closet to admit to “doing it” which explains why marijuana is the most commonly-used illicit drug in the United States.

4. Dum Dum Pops. These you save for the anti-legalization folks. Hopefully, if you live in the right neighborhood, you’ll have lots left over!

5. Smarties. Give everyone who is voting “yes” on a marijuana legalization initiative in your state one of these. Hopefully, you’ll run out! Any other candies you think should be included in this year’s trick-or-treat basket?



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5 Cannabis Costumes That Will Make You The Toke Of The Town!

Are you so passionate about marijuana legalization that you want to incorporate cannabis into your Halloween costume? It’s not too late to put together a “green” get-up! These cannabis costumes will make you the toke of your town!

Marijuana Leaf Halloween Costume1. A Marijuana Plant.




medical marijuana pharmacist2. A Medical Marijuana Pharmacist.




weed man3. The ultimate superhero: Weed Man! Ready to fight all battles related to marijuana legalization.



Women's Pot Weed Marijuana Print Costume4. Women’s marijuana leaf costume.




kush bottle tshirt for halloween costume5. A Kush Bottle! Purchase an authentic Kush Bottle t-shirt from the KB Consumer Shop and rock this poppin’ look!



If you do decide to bust out a cannabis costume at a Halloween party near you, send us a photo and we’ll share it! Happy Halloween from Kush Bottles!


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