Why This Week Was So Historic For The MMJ Industry

historic weekAs of last weekend (with the passage of a surprise spending bill!) the federal government can no longer use its own resources to interfere with state medical marijuana laws. As a company in the emerging marijuana industry and an advocate for marijuana legalization, Kush Bottles views this as a historic week!

“Congrats to Congress for getting this right.” Tweeted CEO of Kush Bottles, Nick Kovacevich,(@nickkovacevich) to his followers on Monday morning.

Other thought leaders chimed in as well.

Republican Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, who co-authored the measure, described the passage of this bill as “a victory for so many.” She went on to say its approval represents, “the first time in decades that the federal government has curtailed its oppressive prohibition of marijuana.”

Representative Sam Farr (D-Calif) also commented on the federal war on medical marijuana being over. “This is great day for common sense because now our federal dollars will be spent more wisely on prosecuting criminals and not sick patients.”

We think this historic victory calls for a little celebration. If you haven’t already, pop some bottles to show your support!

Want to join in on the conversation? What are your thoughts on the passage of this bill? Share them with us below!

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The Perfect Holiday Gifts For The Marijuana Enthusiast On Your List

GiftBundleBlow off the crowded shopping malls this year and shop online at the KB consumer shop for the marijuana enthusiast on your holiday list. We have everything (except the weed) that your pot-smoking friends and family might need! Here are a few of our favorite items that you could give as gifts.

 1. Futurola products: What smoker doesn’t love this premier brand of smoking equipment? At Kush Bottles we sell Futurola rolling paper, rolling machines, and pre-rolled cones. Buy a few of each and wrap them together or purchase a pre-rolled cone gift box!

 2. Smoker packs: Our signature Kush Bottle child-resistant bottles meet state regulations and are the safest, most poppin’ way to store pot. Choose from a variety of different multi-colored packs or buy individual bottles and wrap them up and use to stuff your loved one’s stockings.

 3. KB Apparel: Your friends and family won’t be disappointed when they unwrap a poppin’ Kush Bottle T-shirt, sweatshirt, or hat. It’s cool to wear Kush (according to the consumers who sport our apparel). Many are stopped on the street when they’re rocking it and asked where their clothing is from!

Kush Bottles would like to wish you and your family a safe and happy holiday! Thanks for shopping with us! 

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There’s An App For That: 4 Marijuana Apps You Should Download Right Now!

weed appsIn the newly poppin’ MMJ industry, there’s now an app, it seems, for everything pot-related. To help you weed through them, we’ve complied a list of four of our favorites!

1. Weedlaws: As MMJ laws across the US change, sometimes it’s hard to stay in the know about what’s legal and what’s not. At Kush Bottles, we offer free consultations to dispensary owners, updating them on marijuana laws and regulations in their state. Weedlaws keeps marijuana users informed. This free app provides all the information you’d ever want to know on penalties of possession, cultivation, and sale.

2. Leafly: Want to check out a dispensary before you visit it? Leafly provides reviews of over fifty thousand! It also shows dispensary locations and specials and educates users on the medicinal benefits and the most common effects of over five hundred marijuana strains!

3. Weed Cookbook: Learn how to whip up MMJ recipes like Weed Tea, Marijuana Meatballs, and Chronic Bud Brownies for you and all of your friends. Weed Cookbook recipes are easy to make and approved by marijuana experts and cooks in the cannabis community. Download it for just $0.99 today.

4. Frweed Pro: This app, designed for medical marijuana patients, educates users (in detail) on the medicinal benefits of each strain as well as the potential side effects. For those considering marijuana as a form of medicine, this app is perfect for you!

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3 Groups Of People We’re Thankful For In The Marijuana Industry

we give thanks1. Industry leaders and pro-cannabis public figures: When trying to implement change on a big scale, it helps if big people join the cause. We’re grateful to those who have! From our very own CEO, Nick Kovacevich, whose commitment to educating those in the industry about MMJ rules and state regulations is helping to keep it safe; to politicians like Pennsylvania State Senator Mike Folmer, who sponsored the Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis Act, and Maryland Delegate Cherl Glen who spoke out about marijuana legalization saying: “This is a matter of life and death for our people.” We’re thankful for all that you do and for the changes you help make!

2. Voters: Currently, thirty-five states have some form of marijuana legalization. This wouldn’t be possible if it weren’t for pro-cannabis voters showing up to the polls. If you voted to legalize weed this November, we want to thank you for taking the time and helping the industry move one step closer to its goal of legalization nationwide.

3. Our Customers: There is no question about it—we have the most poppin’ customers around! From the dispensary owners who carry our child resistant bottles, to the consumers who purchase our smoking accessories, vial packages, and KB apparel through Kush Bottles’ new Consumer Shop Site, we’re thankful for your continued business and support.

Happy (early) Thanksgiving from all of us at Kush Bottles!

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Find Out Which Celebrity is Teaming Up With Futurola!

Tommy Chong Futurola pic for blogFuturola, a leading Amsterdam cannabis brand that sells rolling papers and smoking accessories, has recently joined up with an America actor and comedian to launch an exclusive line of smoking equipment.

Who is this celebrity?

It’s Tommy Chong! He’s best known for his cannabis comedy routines Cheech & Chong but he’s also starred in That 70s Show and was recently a contestant on Dancing With the Stars. Chong has been passionate about cannabis legalization for years and speaks up about it regularly. Just recently he tweeted, “Should we legalize marijuana? Is the wrong question. Why is marijuana illegal? Is the one to ask.” Being that his favorite brand of smoking accessories is Futurola, he’s decided to join forces with them and launch an exclusive line of smoking products.

Why are WE so excited?

At Kush Bottles, we carry Futurola products and we’re excited to see a big name like Tommy Chong get behind the brand. It’s a step in the right direction for legalization as well. The more celebrities to get behind legalizing the drug, the sooner change will occur.

Meet Tommy Chong in Person! Enter to Win Futurola’s Contest! 

As part of a special promotion, Futurola is hosting a contest where you can meet Tommy Chong (and smoke with him) in Amsterdam on November 29th at the 2014 High Times Cannabis Cup. If you’re in the area, visit http://www.futurolaUSA.com for information about how to enter.

Where Can You Buy Futurola Products?

Right here. Visit our website to buy all of Tommy Chong’s favorite smoking accessories. And remember, our Black Friday sale is currently going on. Shop now and save 25% off all Futurola products.


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Marijuana Memes that Make Us Laugh

Marijuana Meme 1







Marijuana Meme 2









Marijuana Meme 4










Marijuana Meme 7








Marijuana Meme 3









Marijuana meme kush bottles








Marijuana Meme 6


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6 Times Having a Joint Nearby Would Have Come in Handy

bored soccer fans 90 minute soccer game. Ending in a 0-0 tie.



baby crying airplaneThe second you found out you were seated next to this little guy on your 6 hour flight.



the hangoverAfter one of these nights. (Hangover help, please!)



black and white moviesBut really, how did people sit through these?



jack bauerAt the end of one of his days.



watergate tapesThe second the watergate tapes were discovered.





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