An Exclusive Interview with the CEO of Kush Bottles, Ben Wu

kush bottles image for kush bottles blogQuestion: Hi Ben, weed like to know why you wanted to be the CEO of Kush Bottles?

Answer: Who wouldn’t want to be part of a young, fun and growing industry? I get to work with very creative people who bring their passion for the marijuana industry to the office every single day. I also get to travel across the country to meet and work with dedicated activists involved with the legalization movement. Most importantly, I love knowing that Kush Pop Top bottles are helping to protect children!

Question: Why should a dispensary choose Kush Bottles over another supplier in the industry? 

Answer: Our Philips Rx Pop Top bottles are the highest quality in the industry. They are made in the United States with FDA approved materials and are recyclable and BPA free. All of these bottles are certified to meet U.S. state and federal requirements for child-resistance. We also carry a full line of other packaging products including labels, concentrate containers, joint containers and tamper resistant seals, offering dispensaries a one-stop solution.

Question: How do you see Kush Bottles growing in the next few years? 

Answer: I see Kush at the forefront of the legalization movement, continuing to partner with growers, packagers and dispensaries in newly legalized states. We will remain committed to working closely with industry business owners, patients, customers, as well as regulators to ensure that the industry continues to thrive in a responsible manner. There are a lot of detractors of the industry constantly looking for a reason to halt legalization. Our goal is to not give those detractors a reason by protecting children (and the industry) from cases of accidental ingestion.

Question: Outside of work, what do you like to do for fun? 

Answer: I love what I do so much I’m rarely outside of the office. In those few moments I’m not working, I can be found carving up a mountain on my snowboard, paintballing, or trying any other sport that gets the adrenaline going.

Thanks, Ben! 

Have other questions for our CEO or want to know more about our Philips Rx Bottles? Please, feel free to contact us at (888) 920-5874. We’d love to help you out! 

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March Madness: It’s Not Just for the NCAA

March madness photo for kush bottlesTake a look around the marijuana industry—looks like March Madness to us.

UPSETS. Underdogs seize the day during March Madness just like the No 11 seeded Dayton Flyers did by bringing down Stanford and going to the Elite 8 round. Medical marijuana advocates have felt like the underdogs in every legislative battle for a long time too…but they are starting to see the kind of upsets that basketball fans are cheering on the court. Look no further than Colorado and Washington to see what we mean.

OVERTIME. This season’s March Madness set a record for the most overtimes in a single round of the tournament, clocking five in round 64. Working overtime is nothing new to medical marijuana advocates, which explains why we are seeing progress in unlikely places—like the conservative South. Alabama legislators passed “Carly’s Law” in honor of a three year old girl who could benefit from the now-legalized medical grade marijuana extract. Florida voters will have a chance to vote on legalizing medical marijuana in November. Countless hours of relentless work have gone into these victories.

CELEBRATION DANCES. The Mercer Bears made March Madness history by knocking Duke out of the second round with a 78-71 upset and marked the event with a crowd-pleasing rendition of a popular hip-hop craze, the “Nae Nae.” In meeting rooms, law offices, kitchens across the nation marijuana advocates are doing their own renditions of celebration dances over the victories, large and small. We imagine the February 12 congressional letter calling for President Obama to delist or at least re-classify marijuana more appropriately sent many marijuana supporters breaking out their best moves.

GAME STRATEGY. Zone or man-to-man? Fast break play or slow the game down? Coaches have to adjust their strategy based on game conditions. Marijuana advocates must do the same. In Oregon, medical marijuana dispensaries are having to deal with a ban on the sale of sweet and sugary edibles, some of their most popular products. Hopes are that public feedback will prompt the Oregon Health Authority to repeal the ban. Raise your voice at and be part of the new game plan.

What does March Madness mean to you? Leave your comments below.

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3 People Going to Extreme Measures to Raise Awareness about Medical Marijuana

dr sanjay for kush bottles blog1. Dr. Sanjay Gupta: In 2009 Dr. Sanjay Gupta, a neurosurgeon and chief medical correspondent for CNN, wrote an article in TIME magazine titled, “Why I Would Vote No on Pot.” This year, he is quoted saying, “I am more convinced than ever that it is irresponsible to not provide the best care we can, care that often may involve marijuana. I am not backing down on medical marijuana; I am doubling down.” What caused his shift in opinion? Why is he now an advocate of the drug? Guptra set out on a year-long journey around the world where he interviewed experts in the marijuana field, growers and patients. During this trip he made some eye-opening discoveries like that marijuana was classified as a Substance 1 drug simply because there wasn’t enough knowledge about the plant yet. He’s complied everything he found in a documentary called, Weed, which is raising awareness. Check it out!

Momma bear pic for kush bottles blog2. The Mommy Lobby: Thirty years ago moms were lobbying to keep marijuana illegal. Now, the medicinal benefits have swayed the “Mommy Lobby” and they’re pushing to legalize it. Slowly but surely moms are finding some success as they plea with government officials and share stories of their suffering children who need the drug to help with diseases such as epilepsy. We think they’ll continue to succeed. No one wants to mess with a Momma Bear!

marijuana marathon man picture for kush bottles blog3. The Marijuana Marathon Man: Following in the footsteps of women like Susan G. Komen who started Race for the Cure, The Marijuana Marathon Man is racing to raise awareness and support for his cause: medical marijuana. Most recently he completed the Long Beach marathon. His blog features antidotes from his races and his opinions regarding current issues related to marijuana. You can donate to help him with his mission by buying a T-shirt from his website for $30.

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An Exclusive Look Inside Our Poppin’ Kush Bottles Office

American sculptor, Dale Chihuly, once said, “I never met a color I didn’t like.” Neither have we, at Kush Bottles. No only do our vast selection of multi-colored Philips Rx bottles pop, but so do the walls inside our Southern California headquarters! Check out this exclusive look!

Kush Bottle maze photoBehold the labyrinth of Kush Bottles! Our hallways are adorned with a splattering of our Philips Rx bottles.



Kush Bottle green room with Philips Rx BottlesThere’s no shortage of color in here. Our conference room glows Kush Bottle green keeping us alert and motivated all our meetings!



Kush Bottle picture front deskThose who visit us at our office immediately know they’re in the right place. This mural featuring two of our Philips Rx bottles welcomes guests seconds after they step through Kush Bottles’ doors.



Kush Bottle mural paintingLocal artist, Joachim Ixcalli, has been working around the clock on this magnificent mural which now brightens up Kush Bottles’ last bare wall. We think it’s pretty poppin, don’t you?



If you’re a dispensary owner who loves color as much as us and you’d like to purchase some of our multicolored, child-resistant bottles, feel free to check out our website at or give us a call at 888.9205.874. We’d love to hook you up. 

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5 Things You Can Store in Your Kush Bottle Container Other Than Marijuana

At Kush Bottles, creativity’s in our company’s genes. Coming up with new pop-top vial colors to store your medical marijuana in is the kind of thing that gives us a high. Our customers are creative people too. We’ve caught some of them getting original and using their Kush Bottle Pop Top containers to store more than just their weed.

gum image for kush bottles post1. Gum, breath mints, and Tic Tacs. Chelsea H. always breaks her gum out of its original packaging and dumps it into her her neon pink Kush Bottle. Every time she pops it open to ask her friends if they want a piece, they always says they’d rather have one of the pink vials!


spices image for kush bottles phillips rx container2. Spices. Some customers like to use our colorful Philips Rx Pop Tops to hold their Cumin, Paprika, and Garlic Powder. That’s one way to spice up your spices!



toothpics image for kush bottles blog

3. Toothpicks. Kush Bottles are the perfect size containers to store after-dinner toothpicks in. And never worry about finding them in your purse. The bright colors really pop!


medicine cabiet for kush bottles philip rx child-reistant bottles4. Other medicine. Kush Bottles make some costumers’ medicine cabinets come to life! They keep their meds better organized too. Advil’s in the pink Philips Rx vial. Cough drops are in the yellow…



loose change for kush bottles post5. Coins. Is loose change scattered everywhere in your pocket or your purse? Some customers find their Philips Rx Pop tops to be the perfect solution.

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3 Recent Presidents Weigh in on Marijuana

Obama speaks about marijuana1. Obama:

“I don’t think it is more dangerous than alcohol.”

“It’s important for it (legalization) to go forward because it’s important for society not to have a situation in which a large portion of people have at one time or another broken the law and only a select few get punished.”

clinton photo for medical marijuana blog2. Clinton:

“When I was in England, I experimented with marijuana a time or two, and didn’t like it. I didn’t inhale and I didn’t try it again.”


carter medical marijuana photo for kush bottles3. Carter:

“I think it’s OK. I don’t think it’s going to happen in Georgia yet, but I think we can watch and see what happens in the state of Washington for instance, around Seattle, and let the American government and let the American people see does it cause a serious problem or not.”

“Penalties against possession of a drug should not be more damaging to an individual than the use of the drug itself.”

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The Great Migration…to Colorado for Medical Marijuana

colorado medical marijuana legal CPSC standardsFamilies with sick children are migrating to states where medical marijuana is legal to gain access to the drug.

1. “This makes sense, it’s a simple choice,” says Maria Botker, mother to Greta, who suffered up to fifteen seizures a day before she started taking medical marijuana capsules. Maria made the tough choice to move to Denver with Greta and leave behind the rest of her family in Minnesota so that her daughter could get the medicine she needed.

2. Amber and Paul Loew had to move to Colorado for medical marijuana as well. After trying twelve different prescriptions legal in Texas to quiet their daughter, Hannah’s, numerous seizures, and not having luck with any, they gave up their jobs and health insurance and hit the road. “This is our home, and we’re pretty much being forced to leave,” Amber Loew explained.

Colorado is one of twenty states where medical marijuana is legal and one of two states where recreational marijuana is legal. Do you know any stories of people who were forced to move for marijuana?

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