Safety in Numbers—Polls Show It’s Time to Legalize Marijuana

safety in numbers kush bottles child resistant marijuana packagingA third major survey taker has reinforced what we already know but what some legislators refuse to believe—a majority of Americans now support marijuana legalization.

The General Social Survey (GSS), considered by many to be the nation’s most reliable poll, indicates that 51.7 percent of Americans support marijuana legalization, with 41.7 percent opposed and 6.6 percent undecided.

That’s a hefty upward climb from the first survey results in 1973 when only 19.2 percent of Americans favored legalization, and the lowest show of support in 1987 at 15.6 percent.

The times—they are a changing.

The General Social Survey is in good company right up there with the Gallup which reported 51 percent of Americans back legalization in 2014 and the PEW Research Center whose 2014 survey showed 52 percent in support.

They say there is safety in numbers—guess it’s safe to move ahead with marijuana legalization!

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Kush Bottles Salutes the Original Mr. Spock

Mr. Spock Kush BottlesLeonard Nimoy, who is synonymous with the cult-worshipped Mr. Spock of Star Wars fame, died this past week. Since Spock was often the voice of reason on the Starship Enterprise, we thought we’d honor Nimoy’s passing with a few of Spock’s best quotes, shedding light on what’s happening today in the marijuana industry.

“Change is the essential process of all existence.” Spock would not be surprised by the shift in public attitudes on marijuana or the legalization movement—rather he’d see it as an essential evolution.

“Most illogical.” We imagine that’s how Spock would respond to the fact that families are being forced to move so they can get access to the medical marijuana their sick children need. Or that marijuana remains on the Schedule 1 drug list, making it difficult and expensive for research into its therapeutic effects to take place, even though the American Academy of Pediatricians has called for its reclassification.

“In critical moments men sometimes see exactly what they wish to see.” Spock’s wisdom could explain why the marijuana debate goes something like this: “Just because other states have taken this step doesn’t mean we should legalize another intoxicant, especially one that has been proven to be the first step toward abusing the hard drugs that are claiming so many lives through overdoes.” – Pau Chitwood, executive director of Kentucky Baptist Convention on proposed medical marijuana legislation in his home state.


“This is not recreational marijuana; it is medical marijuana, and they should hear the stories from people who say it has benefitted them and their families.” – Kentucky House Speaker Greg Stumbo, who filed the bill to legalize medical marijuana

“Fascinating.” Certainly Spock would have raised one of his eyebrows to each of these facts:

  • Legalized marijuana sales brought in over $60 million in taxes to Colorado government in 2014
  • Seven out of ten Americans believe alcohol is more harmful to a person’s health than alcohol (with recent research backing that up showing marijuana safer than previously thought)
  • The Rhelm of Caring that works with people who want to use Cannabinoid products reports that 85% of their epileptic clients who use the marijuana medicinal oil called “Charlotte’s Web” show a decrease in the number of seizures.

Add your voices to our Vulcan salute — let’s hear from you if you’re a Spock fan!



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Five (Great!) Ways To Help Keep the Marijuana Industry Safe

safety kush bottles medical marijuanaA recent study published in Scientific Reports found marijuana to be 114 times less deadly than alcohol and the “least risky recreational drug.” While more and more studies are pointing to the health benefits of marijuana and to the safety of the drug, news stories and headlines are making it seem like the industry itself is not safe. For example, Fox 31 Denver News told its viewers: “In the first few months of recreational pot sales, children’s hospitals saw more child-pot overdoses than the entire year before.” And Children’s Hospital Colorado reported that 14 children younger than 10 were admitted for ingesting marijuana edibles in the first 11 months of 2014. At Kush Bottles, keeping the marijuana industry safe has been our priority since day one. We want to share five great tips for help others!

1. Use Child-Resistant Packaging: We child-proof our homes, our locks, our pharmaceuticals, our drawers…child-proofing our marijuana should be a no-brainer. While most states require all dispensaries to sell marijuana in child-resistant vials, at this point not all do. As a consumer, take it upon yourself to buy child resistant packaging for all of your marijuana products, including edibles. There are currently 279 different kinds of edibles on the market ranging from pizza sauce to salad dressing. Kids don’t know the difference, so make sure you package them all safely and store them in places that are hard to reach.

2. Invest in/support potency testing for all cannabis products: Currently, the legal marijuana market is unregulated. Cannabis potency varies dramatically. “Look at your sambuca, peanut butter or ibuprofen — there’s a label telling you what’s in it. When you buy cannabis, you have no idea,” says Randall Kruep, CEO of Sage Analytics, who has come out with a testing device to help solve this problem. In order for the marijuana industry to be considered as legitimate as other industries, there needs to be a potency standard for weed. By investing in and supporting potency testing, you are helping to make this a reality.

3. Follow state rules and regulations:  Each state has its own rules regarding marijuana. Click here to view what they are and realize that they are constantly changing. For example, new regulations for edibles went into effect in February for Colorado. Stay informed and if you’re confused, reach out to a company in the industry who can help. Kush Bottles, for example, remains up-to-date on all the rules and regulations regarding child resistant packaging. We are happy to help you stay compliant.

4. Lead by example (consume responsibly): If each individual takes it upon his or herself to use cannabis responsibly, the industry as a whole will be a much safer place. Make smart choices and follow the advice of Tripp Keber, head of Dixie Elixirs & Edibles, one of Colorado’s largest edibles manufacturers, who tells customers “Go low. Go slow,” when purchasing and consuming cannabis products.

5. Attend a public education campaign:  Colorado, the first state to legalize both recreational and medical marijuana, has made the safety of the industry a top priority. Responsible citizens have taken it upon themselves to launch a seventy-five thousand dollar awareness campaign to educate the public about how to keep the industry safe. They offer informational programs and even have billboards that say, “Some juices and cookies are not meant for kids. Keep ‘adult snacks’ locked up and out of reach.” We’re hopeful that other states will follow their lead and do the same.

If you have any questions or concerns about safety in the marijuana industry or are interested in purchasing child-resistant packaging, visit our website or give us a call. 888.920.5874. We would love to help! 

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What Is The Color Of This Dress? We’re Here To Put The Debate To Rest!

At Kush Bottles we like to think we know a thing or two about color. Our child resistant pop top bottles come in all sorts of different hues including white, gold, black, and blue–four of the most confusing colors on the internet right now. No one can seem to agree on the two tones of this dress!

According to Taylor Swift it’s “OBVIOUSLY BLUE AND BLACK.” Emma Rossum says, “Where are you guys seeing WHITE and GOLD?” Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are split with Kim saying she sees white and gold and Kanye seeing black and blue. (Will this cause a split? And is Kim upset that her photo has been replaced by this one as the most likely to break the internet?) Jimmy Fallon chimed in with #goldandwhite. And Kal Penn commented with, “The dress is half full.”

Enough already…we are here to put this debate to rest! We put the dress next to our white and gold Kush Bottles and then our gold and blue ones. The answer is clear…the dress is white and gold! Join in on this crazy debate! What color do you see??

white kush bottlegold kush bottlewhat color is this dress kush bottles






kush black large dramchild resistant packaging photowhat color is this dress kush bottles




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3 Signs That Marijuana’s Reputation Is Looking Up

marijuana's reputationAfter decades of negative stigma, marijuana’s reputation is finally looking up! And you know what that means—more people will be inclined to vote for legalization and cannabis businesses (like Kush Bottles!) will keep blossoming. Here are three signs that marijuana’s future is bright and its turbulent history is behind us.

Better Branding: They say never to judge a book by its cover, but let’s face it, most of us do! Appearances matter. And while this has hurt the cannabis industry in the past, it is now serving it well. Cannabis products are beginning to look more and more like the hip, independent coffee brands that are in the most up-and-coming cities in the country. Just take a look at these cannabis-infused chocolates designed by Kiva Confections. Critics of the marijuana industry are more likely to see it as legitimate when products are branded well.

Less Bad Press: This past October, anti-marijuana protestors were afraid there would be repots of marijuana-laced Halloween candy. However, this wasn’t the case. As the marijuana industry continues to avoid bad press and remain responsible, those opposed to the legalization of cannabis will have less of a reason to object to it.

Contributing to the economy: In Colorado alone, a reported $573 million was made in legal marijuana sales in 2014 with a whopping $60.1 million in taxes, licensing, and fees. With marijuana contributing so much to the economy, it will only become more difficult to view it negatively.

Kush Bottles has been committed to helping make the marijuana industry’s reputation a favorable one, since day one. Our bottles are child-resistant, FDA approved, and meet CPSC standards. We are a brand that the industry trusts and we look forward to serving you!

If you would like to receive regular updates about the marijuana industry that aew similar to this one, click on the link to subscribe to our blog. And for all your marijuana packaging needs, visit our website.

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Everything You Need To Know About CannaCon Seattle (Including Where You Can Find Kush Bottles!)

cannacon kush bottles child resistant packagingThis weekend, the nation’s largest CannaCon (cannabis expo) is taking place in Seattle. “It’s the home-and-garden show for the new marijuana industry,” said Bob Smart, organizer of the CannaCon that took place in Tacoma. Kush Bottles is excited to be there! We will be showcasing our child resistant bottles and discussing child safe marijuana packaging with those who are already in the industry and others looking to become part of it. CannaCon is open to anyone. Here are all the facts you need to know!

What To Expect:

Informative Seminars: CannaCon offers daily seminars where growers, processors, retailers, suppliers, consultants, and end users will be discussing various issues that are impacting the marijuana industry. Learn about greenhouse cultivation of cannabis. Discover key tips every marijuana retailer should know when trying to build a thriving canna-business. Find out how to build a brand. A single day seminar badge runs for $50 and for admission to the seminars all three days you can buy a badge for $100. To see the full schedule click here.

Expo: Want to browse existing cannabis products or discuss ideas with established companies in the cannabis industry? Visit the expo hall which is open from 10:00am-6:00pm, daily. Kush Bottles will be among the exhibitor booths, showcasing our child resistant pop-top vials along with our other marijuana packaging solutions.

Networking: Conference attendees all have a common desire to better understand the cannabis industry. Expect to network with fellow attendees during seminars, at the expo, and while walking around the event.

What Are The Dates?

CannaCon runs from February 19-21st. You can choose to attend the whole weekend or just for one day.

How Much Does it Cost?

To attend the expo, the cost is $10 per day. In order to sit-in on seminars, it costs $50 per day and if you would like access to the seminars all three days, the cost for a badge is $100. Although online registration is now closed, tickets can be purchased at the door.

Where Is It Located?

At Seattle’s Pier 91 Smith Cove Event Center.

Where Can You Find Kush Bottles?

We will be at booth 734. Come find us! We would love to show you our child resistant bottles and answer any questions you might have about child resistant marijuana packaging.



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Kush Bottles Hires Ryan Selewicz as New Director of Marketing

ryan selewiczAs one of the most recognized and appealing brands in the cannabis industry, Kush Bottles is always working to stay ahead of the curve. To keep doing so, we’ve hired a new director of marketing, Ryan Selewicz!

Ryan has extensive experience in branding, web analytics, content targeting, and campaign marketing and most recently worked at Adobe Systems, where his team won the Nielsen Norman Group’s 2015 Intranet Design Award for building one of the world’s 10 best intranets. He couldn’t be more excited about joining the Kush Bottles team and working to create custom-branded packaging solutions that really POP!

To help you get to know more about Ryan, we’ve conducted an inclusive interview. Find out why Ryan was so attracted to Kush Bottles, how he hopes to help the company grow, and all about the poppin’ things he likes to do for fun!

Q: Ryan, What attracted you to Kush Bottles?

A: I was most attracted to the incredible energy of the Kush Bottles team and their strong commitment to making the company better and better each day. I want to be part of that. I see this opportunity not as a job, but as a chance to build something amazing with some people I really respect.

Q. How do you hope to help the company grow?

A. The most important thing I can do for the company right now is strengthen the brand. I want to make Kush Bottles the most well known and highly regarded brand in the cannabis industry. Once we accomplish that, we will be able to grow every other aspect of the business more quickly and easily – especially our new branding services organization, which I’m extremely excited to spearhead.

Q. What’s one thing you like to do that’s really poppin’?

A. I love photography and lately I’ve been really into waking up early on weekends and going somewhere epic to watch and photograph the sunrise. Everybody always talks about sunsets, but sunrises can be so much better since nobody is awake yet and everything is so peaceful.

Thanks, Ryan!

Have other questions for our our new director of marketing or want to know more about Kush Bottle products? Please, feel free to contact us at (888) 920-5874 or visit our website. We’d love to help you out! 


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