New Arrivals In This Week: Rasta Striped Hand Pipes and Hammer Dab Rigs!

Smoking accessories are in this week: Rasta Striped Hand Pipes and Hammer Dab Rigs!

3.5″ – 4″ Assorted Color Rasta Striped Frit Egg.

Glass rasta striped hand pipes. $3.00 > Shop Now

hand pipes

5″ Hammer Dab Rig

Clear glass dab rigs offering satisfying smoke. $10.00 > Shop Now

hammer dab rig

Interested in stocking up on these products or more? Visit our website to shop!

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Stock Up on New Arrivals: Opaque Pre-Roll Tubes and Sharpstone 4 Piece Grinders in Now

Smoke shop essentials in this week: Opaque Pre-Roll Tubes and Sharpstone 4 Piece Grinders.

Opaque Child Resistant Pre-Roll Tubes

Child resistant pre-roll containers in a variety of opaque colors. As low as $0.15 each.


SharpStone 4 Piece Grinder

Introducing SharpStone’s premier four piece grinder. Made from Aircraft Grade Aluminum Rod and anodized for smooth finish. $14.00.




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Stock Up On New Arrivals: Pre-Roll Tubes and Cone Loader Blocks In Now

Be ready to roll with pre-roll blunt tubes and cone loader blocks in stock now!

Kush Bottles’ pre-roll containers are child-resistant and FDA-approved, satisfying state requirements. And the sleek look and colorful variety will satisfy the requirements of your customers.


Fill pre-roll cones faster than ever with this cone loader block. (Fits 34 Medium Size 98mm pre-rolled cones at once).




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Stock Up On New Arrivals: Kraft and Black Barrier Bags In Now!

Offer a variety of packaging solutions to meet your customers’ needs: Kraft and Black Barrier Bags are in stock now.

Kraft/Clear barrier bags provide customers with a clean and clear view of their product and offer a high end, natural packaging look. A metalized lining creates a barrier to oxygen, moisture and aroma, keeping cannabis its freshest until ready to use. Additional features include a re-closable zipper, a tear notch, bottom gusset, and they’re heat-sealable.


Black barrier bags offer the same features of the craft/clear barrier bags in addition to a sleek look that offers privacy and marketing potential. Slap your label on one and watch it pop!


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Stock Up on New Arrivals: Mother Egg Water Pipes and Tin Slider Concentrate Containers In Now!

The best kind of smoke shops are one-stop smoke shops. Stock up on smoking essentials as well as specialty items to satisfy all of your customers’ needs.

Even glass connoisseurs will appreciate the beauty and high functionality of the Legendary Mother Egg Water Pipe. Precise water chambers and a percolator make for a smooth hit. Retailing in some stores for over $1000, we’ve got it in stock for $149. Buy in bulk and save more.

water pipe

The shopping rule of thumb is: you can never have too many basics. These concentrate containers, perfect for storing your shatter, are essential smoking accessories no shop can have too many of. Dress up the sliding tin tops with branding and strain information.


Interested in adding either of these items to your shop’s inventory or your personal collection of smoking accessories? Check out our online shop or give us a call 888.920.5874. We’d love to help you out!

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Stock Up On New Arrivals: Digital Scales and 11″ 4-Arm Percolator Bubblers in Now!

Products that pop are our specialty: sleek scales and 11″4-Arm Percolator Bubblers are in this week!

Get the accuracy you need for weighing cannabis with the sleek and compact RC-613 Digital Scale. Auto calibration makes it easy to operate while the backlight display makes it easy to read. ($22.00)



The 11”4 Arm Percolator Bubbler provides a smooth smoking experience. Its assorted color design adds appeal as well. Use it for smoking both concentrates and flowers. ($18.50)

11%224 Arm Percolator Bubbler


If you would like to add either of these products to your inventory visit our website and add them to your shopping cart. Or, feel free to contact us! We would love to assist you over the phone. ( 888.920.5874 )



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President of Kush Bottles Named to Oregon Liquor Control Commission Marijuana Subcommittee

(LOS ANGELES) – Ben Wu, president of Kush Bottles, North America’s premier supplier of customizable child-resistant packaging solutions and accessories for the legal cannabis industry, was named to the Oregon Liquor Control Commission Recreational Marijuana Rules Advisory Technical Subcommittee on Packaging.

Wu is considered one of the nation’s leading authorities on compliance issues relating to packaging, labeling, and child-resistance.

The Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC) is tasked with creating sensible regulations, and has enlisted the assistance of industry experts in a variety of disciplines to provide expert insight, balance, and expertise.

Rules Advisory Committees have been formed in packaging, licensing, growing, retailing, and extract manufacturing.

Wu believes that his experience having acquired and managed numerous companies, coupled with an understanding of the specific nuances of the cannabis industry, helps him understand the need to balance strong regulations within the confines of practical economics.

He has analyzed the cannabis regulatory process in virtually every state with a legal marijuana program, and can identify policies that have been problematic and have led to market destabilization.

“Ben is a leader in the industry, and an asset to our company and to our clients,” said Nick Kovacevich, Co-Founder and CEO of Kush Bottles, Inc.

“Having Ben on the OLCC Board will help give our customers important insight and added value, as we will have a correct reading and immediate notification on any packaging-related regulation or update,” he stated.

“With our key executives working directly with government officials and regulators, our customers can be assured that they receive the most accurate, up-to-date information that impacts their operations, as well as compliant products to help their business thrive.”

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